Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Our Solutions.We develop solutions that improve the aviation industry.

Active Solutions
These solutions have been developed by us and are currently in operation.

SurePilot ™

The Online Pilot Assessment Tool

SurePilot™ is an online solution to assessing candidate potential at all career levels, from ab-initio and zero hour candidates to experienced, competent and fully-qualified pilots.

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Research & Development for Aviation

CALLISTO™ seeks to provide research and development services to organisations operating in the aviation industry to boost organisational safety, efficiency and operational productivity.


Solutions in Development
These solutions are currently under development and not in operation.

CrewChameleon ™

The Project Management Tool for Aviation HR

CrewChameleon™ will become a cloud-based project management tool for HR professionals operating in the aviation industry. It will enable end-to-end management of assessment and recruitment of pilots and cabin crew.

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SureCrew ™

The Online Cabin Crew Assessment Tool

SureCrew™ is being developed in response to demand from clients that use our existing solutions. The objective of SureCrew™ is to become the all-in-one solution to assessing candidates for cabin crew and aviation operative roles.

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